Eucerin UreaRepair PLUS Cream 30% Urea

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Areas of the body such as our elbows, knees, hands and feet experience lots of pressure and friction. Skin’s protective barrier is disturbed and it is unable to retain sufficient moisture. Skin dries out and can become extremely dry, rough, thickened and scaly.

Eucerin UreaRepair PLUS 30% Urea Cream gives extremely dry skin the intensive treatment it needs. The formula contains a unique combination of:

  • highly-concentrated 30% Urea to exfoliate
  • Ceramide to repair skin’s barrier 
  • other Natural Moisturizing Factors (NMFs) to hydrate and bind water in to the skin

Skin is intensely moisturized and looks and feels smooth and soft.

As an intensive treatment, the product should only be applied to localized problem areas1 rather than the whole body. Clinical and dermatological test show that skin is visibly smoother and supple after one week and improves continuously with regular use.

Eucerin UreaRepair PLUS 30% Urea Cream is suitable for areas of hyperkeratotic (the medical term for thickened) skin and for people with Keratosis Pilaris and Psoriasis. It can also be used for adjunctive care in combination with the treatment prescribed by your dermatologist. 


 Size :75ml