Farmstay Real Coconut Essence Mask

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Soothing, moisturizing! Coconut Mask!

This mask pack contains coconut coconut extract, moisturizes and vitalizes the skin, provides moisture and nutrients, and prevents skin roughness and dryness.

01 Full of nutrients in tropical fruits!
Contains coconut oil extract!

Coconut oil squeezed from coconut flesh, called “tree-grown milk”, is rich in nutrients such as vitamin E, minerals, and lauric acid, helping to moisturize and firm the skin.
2 Ultra-adhering & highly moisturizing mask!
Provide nutrition without gap

The curved part of the face is tightly adhered to, so the absorbent sheet paper and the contents of the light essence formulation meet, so you can feel a soft feeling without putting a burden on the skin and without stickiness.

03 refreshing absorption
Smooth without irritation!

It adjusts the oil and moisture balance and provides a feeling of cooling by supplying sufficient moisture.
It minimizes skin irritation and has excellent ability to deliver essence to the skin when applied to the face