M.Asam Magic Finish Makeup Mousse - 30ml

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يستخدم موس ام اسام كبرايمر قبل المكياج او بدونه حتى يقوم باخفاء الخطوط الدقيقه و البقع والتصبغات ومناطق الاحمرار بشكل خفيف وطبيعي ، يأتي بدرجة واحده تناسب جميع البشرات

The make-up that adapts to every skin tone! With the MAGIC FINISH make-up mousse little wonders come true - it adapts itself to your skin tone and you look super natural . The light, airy consistency of the mousse gives it a silky soft feel on the skin and gives you an even complexion without putting it on.

The M. Asam MAGIC FINISH is an international bestseller in the assortment and known from the TV commercials on Pro7, VOX and SIXX. It is suitable for all skin types and automatically adapts to any skin tone individually. Even in winter, the light make-up mousse ensures a healthy, fresh skin tone . The ingenious, airy-light mousse texture behaves like a second, flawless skin .

Unevenness, wrinkles and redness are immediately concealed and the skin looks wonderfully even. Powder is superfluous, as Magic Finish gently softens the skin throughout the day . As a concealer Magic Finish conjures even eye shadow away. The little miracle can be applied over any day cream or serum.