Mavala Mavaderma Nutritive Massage Oil For Nail

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مطول الاظافر من مافالا ، يستخدم على منبت الاظافر مع البشره المحيطه و عمل مساج مستمر على المنطقة بشكل يومي ويفضل في الليل قبل النوم 

It is blood that nourishes the nail roots. If you suffer from bad circulation, nails can grow very slowly.

MAVADERMA is a balanced blending of wheat germ, olive and sweet almond oils to massage onto the nail root area for more beautiful and longer nails. The emollient action of the oils keeps skin supple and soft.

How to use :

Apply daily (best at night) MAVADERMA onto the nail root area covered by the skin and massage with circular motion using your thumb to accelerate penetration. Leave it to act overnight.