SkinRx Lab MadeCera Cream

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- Clinically tested Two-Week solution cream that makes skin healthy, acne-free and smooth by reinforcing skin barrier.
- Trial test to test the reinforcement of skin barrier completed, and showed to have improved skin moisturization by 103% in two weeks use.
- Test for suitability for acne-prone skin completed.
- Dermatologically tested and shown that closed comedo decreased 46%, open comedo decreased 36%, oil & sebum improved in 4 weeks use.

 -One-stop care for 9 skin troubles(dry, blemish, fine wrinkle, loose, sensitive, dull, dead skin, pore, acne) multi-skincare product for intensive nourishment.

 -A highly-concentrated ceramide complex with 10,000ppm makes your skin moisturized completely

-Contains skin brightening & wrinkle improving functional ingredients.


Size : 50 ml