The Ordinary Buffet - 30ml

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 سيروم يعالج مشاكل تقدم العمر ، يحتوي على الهيلارونيك والماتريكسيل الذي يقوم بتحفيز الكولاجين ورفع مستوى ترطيب البشرة وبالتالي تقليل عمق الخطوط ، الاستمرار على المنتج يعطي بشرة نظرة وشبابية


Target visible signs of ageing with the "Buffet" Multi-Technology Peptide Serum from The Ordinary. Combining an array of effective technologies, the “Buffet” serum is able to target multiple signs of ageing in one versatile formula.

The concentrated serum boasts multiple Peptide complexes, including Matrixyl 3000, Syn-Ake and Relistase, which work in synergy with 11 skin-friendly Amino Acids. With regular use, the serum seeks to smooth the complexion, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Expect a youthful look that is ultra-nourished.