iUNIK Beta-Glucan Daily Moisture Cream

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- Contains 30,000ppm Beta-Glucan
- Contains Red Fruit Extracts
- Centella Asiatica Extract 30,000ppm
- Amazing Absorbing Power and Moist Finish
- Brightening & Wrinkle Care

Skin Type:
- Dry Skin
- All Skin Type

- Beta-Glucan 30,000ppm It retains moisture 20% better than hyaluronic acid improves skin elasticity and recovery.
- Centella Asiatica Extract 30,000ppm It helps reduce redness and calm the irritations.
- RED FRUIT COMPLEX-KH It strengthen skin immune function, protect sensitive skin, and prevent skin aging.(Plums, Raspberries, Wild berries, Peaches, Pomegranates, and Figs.) 

Size : 60 ml