Afterspa Bath & Shower Exfoliating

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تساعد القفازات على الحصول على بشرة متألقة ونظيفة وناعمة مع إزالة الخلايا الميتة من جسمك. مثالي لطقوس ما قبل التسمير أو ببساطة لتقشير البشرة بعمق.


Your Afterspa Bath & Shower Exfoliating Gloves help you achieve radiant, clean and soft skin while removing dead cells from your body. Perfect for a pre-tan ritual or to simply deeply exfoliate skin.

Enjoy a deep clean made easy with these pair of textured gloves. Exfoliate, cleanse and massage skin to increase circulation and help accelerate cell turnover. These gloves work wonders as a pre self-tanning ritual to prep and smooth your skin.

  • For radiant and soft skin
  • Functional case to hang in your shower
  • Increases circulation and helps accelerate cell turnover
  • Clinically tested on all skin types
  • Not tested on animals