Cosrx Full Fit Honey Glow Kit

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الوصف: يحتوي الخط هذا على مكونات ترطيب طبيعية تجعل بشرتك متوهجة وناعمة دون ترك أي بقايا على الجلد.

الخطوة 1: التونر / 30 مل
الخطوة الثانية: أمبولة صمغ النحل / 10 مل
الخطوة 3: كريم دنج خفيف / 15 مل

What it is: Black Bee Propolis line containins naturally originated moisturizing ingredients which will make your skin glow and smooth without leaving any residue on the skin.

STEP 1: Propolis Synergy Toner 1.01 fl.oz / 30ml
STEP 2: Propolis Light Ampoule 0.33 fl.oz / 10ml
STEP 3: Propolis Light Cream 0.50oz / 15ml


  • Benefits of Propolis: Consisting of black bee propolis extract, honey extract, and royal jelly extract which are known for anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties,
  • Nourishment and antioxidants:This line delivers nourishment and antioxidants giving you a soft and supple skin texture.
  • A toner that contains 72.6% of black bee propolis and 10% honey extract will make your skin glowy and smooth.
  • COSRX best-selling ampoule which contains 83.25% of black propolis, heals stressed skin and reduce redness without leaving any oily residue.
  • This lightweight gel-like cream made out of 65.69% propolis, absorbs effortlessly into the skin, allowing you to use it at any circumstances during all the seasons throughout the year.

How to use:

  • Full Fit Propolis Synergy Toner
  1. Apply as the first step of your skincare routine after washing you face.
  2. Massage over the entire face for better absorption.
  • Full Fit Propolis Light Ampoule
  1. Apply evenly after cleansing and toning step.
  2. Gently massage and pat over entire face for quick absorption and proceed to moisturizer step.
  • Full Fit Propolis Light Cream
  1. Apply a proper amount evenly onto face as last step of skincare and pat it gently for better absorption.