Cosrx Master Patch Basic 36ea

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الوصف: علاج موضعي مريح لحل مشاكل الحبوب غير المخطط لها. يعمل Master Patch Basic على أي حب شباب وأي بشرة.

الحجم: يتكون من 36 لصقة

What it is: Comfortable spot treatment to solve your unplanned breakouts. Master Patch Basic works for any acne, any skin. 

Size: 12mm Patches (36ea)


  • The Original Acne Patch, Just Better
    100% High quality hydrocolloid suitable for all skin types. Cut lines for easy application.
  • Patch instead of pop!
    Apply on to your acne, instead of popping, to resolve the pimple quickly with no scars.
  • Perfect for day and night
    12mm round spot to blend into the skin naturally and comfortably for day and night use.