Morphe Outta Sight Brush Set

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Major eye looks deserve incredible brushes. Pull off any eye look with this set of nine brushes that will cut a perfect crease, blend it all out, and add those perfect pops of highlighter.


  1. M535 Defined Deluxe Blender Brush (natural) - Buffs in crease colors and makes harsh lines disappear in the blink of an eye.
  2. M505 Pointed Blender Brush (natural) - This slender brush tapers to a slightly domed tip and has a light touch for soft, blended color in the crease.
  3. M518 Crease Fluff Brush (natural) - This slender, tapered crease brush places crease color just where you want it without muddiness or over-blending for looks involving multiple colors. It’s also the perfect size for small and hooded eyes.
  4. M503 Pro Firming Blending Fluff Brush (natural) - This domed, tapered brush has a flat side for shading and a fluffy tip for blending crease color.
  5. M532 Deluxe Highlight Brush (synthetic) - More than just a killer highlighting brush, the domed bristles are great for blending eyeshadows and more.
  6. M507 Pointed Mini Blender Brush (natural) - This slim brush tapers to a fine point for a light, wispy application of color. It can be used to blend out harsh edges or deposit small amounts of color in targeted areas.
  7. E18 Round Crease Brush (synthetic) - This shorter, bullet tipped crease brush will give you a stronger, more defined crease color and is an excellent tool for cut crease looks. Also great for stamping color into the outer third of the eye.
  8. E10 Tapered Concealer Brush (synthetic) - Flat, tapered concealer brush with a rounded tip. Perfect for patting down concealer and achieving maximum coverage in targeted areas. Ideal for covering blemishes and blending the area seamlessly into the skin as well as covering dark under eye circles.
  9. M562 Tiny Crease Blender Brush (synthetic) - A slim crease brush that packs a lot of power and creates seamless transitional effects.
  10. Glam Bag - 9”L X 3.5” H