NEEDLY Vita C Glow Jelly Pad

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The pad that is soaked in the refreshing taste of juice helps to moisturize and care for dead skin cells and impurities while charging moisture.
It is a product that brightens the skin lively and brightly.
You can achieve moisturizing, brightening care, exfoliating care, and spot care.
Achieve more effective brightening care with a design of microscopic embossing and a generous pad size in one sheet.
Fabric made with 100% raw ingredients.
It is a unique mesh structure that contains many essences and can provide sufficient moisture supply to the skin.
A generous pad from the eyes and forehead to the cheeks with a customized pad design.
Sensitive skin care for sensitive skin is possible through a low-irritation care regimen after undergoing a sensitivity skin irritation test.
This is a non-irritating product after undergoing skin primary irritation testing.
Helps improve the appearance of visible blemishes/spots with 2 weeks use & 4 weeks use.
A powerful sheet that quickly restores skin condition by clearing and smoothing the skin.
Size : 60 pads