One-day's you Help Me Honey-C Pads

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Scouring Toner Products to Help Brightening and moisturizing
- Daily Brightening & Moisture Pad contains propolis extract and vitamin derivatives with brightening effects for making a bright and clear skin.
All Ingredients EWG Green Grade
- Safe prescription for sensitive skin
Brightening + Moisturizing effects and ingredients that deliver to skin
- Citrofortunella Microcarpa Fruit Extract, Orange Extract, and various vitaminbased ingredients help brightening while moisturizing.
Pro-Vita C ™
- It is a complex that help making brighten and smooth skin developed for brightening and moisturizing care contains propolis extract and various vitamin derivatives ingredients which is One-day’s you ‘s unique ingredients.
Moisturizing skin made by moisturizing ingredients
- Contains trehalose, Bacillus / Soybean fermentation extract and beta-glucan to help prevent moisture evaporation and help making moist skin
Best selling series products
- A series of our best-selling product “Help me dacto pad”
- Available to suit your skin type and concerns

Size : 60 pads