Real Techniques Face and Brow Razors

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Easily remove dead skin cells and unwanted facial hair for a smooth, makeup ready complexion with the Real Techniques Face and Brow Razors. An important step to having smooth, even makeup is taking care of your skin underneath. Let your fresh, natural skin shine through! Ideal for any skin type. These razors are dual ended – the larger blade is meant for all-over facial use and the smaller blade is meant for brow detailing. For all-over facial hair removal and exfoliation, run the larger blade in small, downward motions across the face. For brow definition and shaping, run the smaller blade in small, downward motions near the eyebrow while being cautious of the eye. For best results use on a clean, dry face at night every 2-4 weeks. Apply skincare products as normal afterwards. Pro Tip - perfect time to give your skin some extra love with a hydrating skincare routine! These razors come in a pack of three each with their own protective caps for safe and clean storage.