Thebalm Travel-Size Classics

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سيت مكون من المنتجات الافضل مبيعاً ب احجام السفر ومكون من : مسكرة الرموش / برايمر / هوت ماما بلاش  / باهاما ماما برونزر / اضاءه ماري لو 

Frequent flyers rejoice! theBalm has created travel-size versions of our bestsellers for half the price! Our many minis include the timeBalm face primer, Mad Lash mascara, Hot Mama blush, Bahama Mama bronzer and Mary-Lou Manizer highlighter. The smart, travel-friendly designs make it easy to take your makeup routine on the road, or give a product a test run before committing to the full-size. If you’re all about beauty on the go, these minis are meant for you!